Tour Pu Luong 3 days

Hiking time with the family at the 

tour Pu Luong 3 days, best time to bond and improve relationship.

Rant warning

Rant warning. So i went out today to get a halloween costume and after going to 3 different suppliers i have found there is no true plus size costumes if your bigger then size 20 forget it or take your chances with online roulette cause you cant find it in store this pisses me off…

Burma holiday packages

Another flight with #Easyjet. I’ve yet to have a problem with them, and I certainly. Ant complain when I’m flying found trip from the top to the bottom of the Myanmar for only £33 ($43.50)! Do you prefer budget or luxury airlines and preparation of Burma holiday packages

Ninh Binh tours

  In terms of culinary culture, Ninh Binh has long been famous for its noodles like Kim Son, Lai Thanh, reindeer, jade, Van Long grilled banana fish, enjoy the kimchi (fire rice), wine need Nho Quan … The specialty food is also a valuable tourist resources. Culinary culture as a charm, adorn the attractive tourist…

burma holiday packages

Wonderful experience on Paradise Elegance Cruise – One of the new best 5 star cruises in Burma. Thanks Candy Nguyen for your kind invitation to join your group to explore the country and have chance to experience this amazing cruise. Wish your L.O.V.E Vietnam Travel will be more success in the future with  burma holiday…