Listen UP

Listen UP!!!! These are my good friends Gene Moore and Kristofer Royer! They are great guys and even better comedians! If you don’t have plans on Saturday I encourage you to hit up their live comedy recording. Seriously! You should go!

Excellent points here:

Excellent points here: “By the time a woman is looking at fashion photography, she’ll have gone through years of indoctrination that the less of her there is, the better.” “It is easy to damn the fashion industry for promoting skinny as the feminine ideal. It’s harder to admit that it is only echoing back too…


“Control is an illusion

“Control is an illusion, of course; no parent has control over a child’s outcome. The best you can shoot for is influence. Caregivers have a lot more influence, and their voices have a greater likelihood of being heard, when they’re hearing kids’ voices and involving kids in solving the problems that affect their lives.”