Politics – essential, boring or exciting? For the first time in many years I genuinely didn’t know who to vote for. For the vast majority of us our vote doesn’t count and never has. If you live in an area where one party is dominant with a big majority why bother? I do believe that…


If you know me

If you know me, you know I don’t like to drive to new places. I’m about to drive to Scranton Airport to pick up hubby. Somehow he thinks my anxiety level isn’t worth spending the $300 extra it would have cost to fly into Allentown. Thankful that Mom is coming along for the ride as…


June 6

June 6 Live Intentionally 2 Timothy 4:6-8 Paul was a man who lived life to the full. His goals were to know Christ, abide in His power, fellowship in His suffering, and preach the gospel (Phil. 3:10; 1 Cor. 1:17). In doing so, he aligned his aspirations with the Lord’s, diligently worked to fulfill his…



If you have never tried Rodan + Fields…. (and you’re not already talking to another consultant) and want to try our latest innovation hydration serum plus a mini facial from our Redefine line comment below and I’ll mail a sample of both out to the first 10 people!

Today we had our first

Today we had our first-ever Free Quechua Classes for the local Children of Pisaq. I was worried no one was going to show up but waves of children kept arriving, and the classes went on from morning until evening. Our incredible teacher Lourdes Perez Sairitupa held them captivated, practicing, giggling and singing throughout the day.…



SHARING SOME POSITIVE I wanna share with my coaching experience with Arti. She supported me a lot in the past months. I am very grateful for her support, since I was struggling with intimate relationships in my early adulthood. I was closed emotionally, I wasn’t comfortable expressing my feelings and my intentions. I needed some…